About Us

Augment Stats Controls Inc.

Commitment to serve customers the highest ethical and technical standards guided by the principle honesty, integrity trust worthiness, honor, fairness.


ASCI Product Lines

Are committed to providing solutions for the semiconductor, electronics, manufacturing, fabrication, and precision tooling, plastic injection, and automotive industries. We offer a range of products, from large Smart Machines to precision instruments, including those originally manufactured in the USA under the Optical Gaging Products (OGP) brand, as well as customized machines from MMI for Automation and System Integration, and solutions from Gaotec Solutions Pte. Ltd. for Laser Decapping, Marking, Engraving, plasma, and Bond testers, all based in Singapore.


Our Vision

To be the number one choice provider for quality products and service for Metrology, Analysis and production control.


Mission Statement

The company shall drive towards its vision by:

- Providing customers high quality, cost effective products and services that exceed expectation.

- Covering all industries and geographical locations related to ASCI products.

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