Torsion Spring Tester Pro-T

Patent (PAT.4090398) is obtained as it shows high ability of repeatability of torsion spring tester. It tends to occure for testing torion springts that testing result is uneven because of testing speed and angle setting conditions. Automatic torsionspring tester will minimize such problems with its full-automated testing process. Setting of test conditions is done through interactive operations. System measures angles or deflection angles based on torque input. (PRO-TS type)

Model PRO-TB-50N PRO-TB-100N PRO-TB-500N PRO-TS-50N PRO-TS-100N PRO-TS-500N
Capacity 3 N-m 6 N-m 20 N-m 3 N-m 6 N-m 20 N-m
Capacity 50 N 100 N 500 N 50 N 100 N 500 N
2 Step Auto switch-over for torque capacity 50N/5N 100N/10N 500N/50N 50N/5N 100N/10N 500N/50N
Load div 1mN 10mN 1mN 10mN
Torque div. 0.001N·mm 0.01N·mm 0.001N·mm 0.01N·mm
Test Speed 1 ~ 1800 deg/min
Measurement coil over dis Ø50()
Moving length for load detection (Y-axia) ±25mm
Measurement Arm length (X-axia) 60mm
Measurement angle 0.1 ~ 7200.0 deg
Deflection direction  
Max Power Consumption 200VA
Power AC100V(50/60HZ)*AC220 240V
Dimension W 550 x D 450 x H 520
Weight 75kg


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